I first dipped my tiniest toe in the vast yoga ocean in 2003 but took a serious interest a couple of years later whilst touring Rajasthan in a production of Twelfth Night.  I soon returned to Mother India to train with Tribe Yoga and embark on my path as a Yoga Teacher.

Classes involve a combining of traditional Hatha with a more modern dynamic approach... often using a challenging, creative flow emphasising strength, stability and alignment to attain states of union between mind, body and spirit.  I also incorporate the more subtle, energetic aspects of Tantra and Classical Kundalini... Focussing on the flow of energies and arousal of specific chakras to remove blockages and attain to higher states of consciousness. 

One of my great passions is to train teachers.  I love being able to spend a whole month with a group of people who are passionate about this beautiful practice, going deep as a community and sharing and learning together.   I run a Yoga Teacher Training School called Path of Yoga

Further info is available Here 

My Guru and main spiritual teacher is Prem Baba,  an enlightened master from Brazil who is also a physiotherapist, psycho-therapist and Ayahuasca Shaman. I spend several months of each year with him, learning about accessing the True self and how to release ourselves from the suffering created by identification with the conditioned mind.  


As a yoga teacher, I have trained 500 hours with Tribe Yoga and 200 hours with Max Strom.  

I am certified to teach Classical Kundalini by Yogrishi Vishvketu, and have also studied with Jason Crandell, Christopher Wallis, Anodea Judith and Tiffany Cruickshank.

"Yoga Is The State In Which The Mental Emotional Fluctuations Have Become Still"

― Patanjali

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