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Workshop 3:

Heart Chakra Retreat

Sun, 17 December 2017

10:00 - 17:30


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During this day long retreat, we will go on a journey into the heart. 

We will be guided through a range of beautiful heart-opening practices, including hatha, pranayama, music meditation, energy work, live music and tantra. 

There will also be a lecture and presentation to look at what we can do beyond this workshop, so that we can begin to awaken love as our primary guiding principal. 

James has spent several years living in tantric communities in India and Thailand. There he studies and teaches chakra theory and does psycho-spiritual self work under the guidance of his guru, Sri Prem Baba. He is very much looking forward to traveling to London this winter in order to teach this workshop



(These usually sell out so please book in advance!)


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