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Healing the Heart: Reducing Anxiety + Stress

Sat, 7th July

1400 - 1715


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Yoga teaches us that our heart-centre is the home of Inspiration and Unconditional Love. However, these aspects can be restricted if we hold unprocessed grief, which can get stored in the lungs and chest. These repressed emotions build up, manifest as tension and affect the way that we breathe… The result of this is the experience of Anxiety. 

During this Hatha practice, we will explore how we can bring our lungs to life and experience the dispelling of anxiety. We will look at how stress affects different people and what we can do to reduce the amounts of stress in our lives. We will learn how the way that we breathe affects our wellbeing, particularly in relation to anxiety levels. We will discover techniques for calming and balancing and a specific bedtime sequence to improve our sleep.