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Online Courses

I'm excited to offer you the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice

and expand your knowledge through my online courses.


I offer a variety of courses to suit your needs, from our flagship
Online 200 hour Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training to shorter courses that
provide an excellent introduction to specific topics. My courses are
designed to help you connect with your body, mind, and spirit, and
to help you develop a deeper understanding of the principles of yoga.

I'm thrilled to feature my course The Secrets of the Chakras

It'll help you dive deep into the ancient wisdom of yoga, exploring
topics like energetic anatomy, meditation, and yogic philosophy.

JF meditation on platform - RR.jpg


The Secrets Of The Chakras With James French


Have you ever felt butterflies in your tummy?

A frog in your throat? Your chest bursting with Love? An orgasm?!


Then you have already glimpsed an energy surge in your chakras. 

I invite you to join me to dive into the hidden knowledge of this

beautiful system.


This session is mostly lecture based with some short periods of gentle movement and meditation. We explore how chakras work, their function and purpose, how they impact us, and how to balance and activate them.

We delve into the secrets of each one in turn and discuss how this knowledge can be used to bring about healing and restoring equilibrium to our lives and those of our loved ones.

Here we explore the subtle knowledge that will be a background to the second part of the workshop and will transform all future practices.


This part of the workshop is a practice and is a fun and challenging flow. We make the transition from thinking to feeling. As we journey from the root chakra all the way to the crown we will access each energy centre by transitioning through various aspects of yoga including Asana (poses), Vinyasa (flow), Pranayama (Breath work), Mantra (chanting) and Dhyana (Meditation) – all to a beautiful chakra based soundtrack.

Options and modifications will be offered for those who need, so you can choose how physically demanding you would like this to be.

If you have done any Chakra workshops with James in the past, this is a great opportunity to put theory into practice.


This course is suitable for all levels – from complete beginners to experienced practitioners who wish to expand their understanding

of the more subtle aspects of Yoga.

+ 6.5 CPD Hours

Cost $55

Pranayama & Meditation

12 Sessions Pranayama and Meditation Course - Level 1

The Body, Mind and Breath are three points on a triangle. If you make a change to
one - the other two will change also.

Yogic technology teaches us a progression of techniques which can be used to calm,
balance, invigorate, heat, cool, purify etc.  We will 
begin at the beginning.
Building steadily day on day. 


Cost $95 

Please email me once you have made your payment and I will send you the link.
This course is pre-recorded.


(A Level 2 and Level 3 course will be available following this course but participation
in level 1 is required before progressing) 


To join the course please email me on


Please log-in to the zoom call 15 mins early so that we can check

your set-up and say Hi!


For Level 1 200-hour & Level 2 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training - please visit my school



Live Zoom classes paused for now. Recordings Available. 

Free Class Click Here

Recordings available for $10 each:

10 x Hatha classes available

+25 x Vinyasa: Full Body Alignment :

Classes so far:

1. Consistency of breath And Rom 1  
2. Consistency of breath and Rom 2
3. Foot structure 
4. Foot arches
5. Aligning the legs

6. The quads 
7. Hip extensors 
8. Outer hips and Outer legs
9.Hip External Rotation
10. Hanumanasana
11. 4 sides of the hip
12. Intro to core
13. Posterior Core and Rotational Core
14. Intro to Backbends
15. Aligning the Hips and Torso
16. Anterior Core
17. Posterior Core
18. Glutes working with Lats 
19. Rotational Core
20. Lateral Core 1
21. Lateral Core 2
22. Core Recap
23. Backbends - Viparita Dandasana
24. 1 legged Backbends
25. Bakasana - Crow pose 
26. All around the Core

We are on a journey through the body: working our way up from the feet...

You can join this journey at any time... with any part of the body. 

Every class is a full, comprehensive practice in it's own right but with a special focus on a different body part each time.... 

As we reach each new region, we continue with the themes of:


A) exploring the difference between active and passive ROM...

B) learning to engage the muscles in a lengthened position so that we can create a bit of strength in our end-range of motion. 

You can dive in at any time... it is not at all necessary to do all the classes in sequence. However if you would like to catch up on any classes that you miss, please let me know and I can send you the recording. (Don't worry - all classes are recorded on a separate camera so you will NOT be filmed). Recorded classes are the same price as live ones. 

Private Class:

60mins - $60

90mins - $85

Please sign up to my mailing list here

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Please email me:

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