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(These usually sell out so please book in advance!)

16th & 17th December 10.00 - 17.30

The Power Of Love: Opening the Heart Chakra

A Weekend of 3 Workshops

Location: Triyoga Soho

Facebook Event Click Here

Tickets Available Here

open to all levels 

£140 for the whole weekend

Workshops also available separately for £40/£40/£75 (See below)



True Love, Selflessness, Compassion, Altruism,  Balance, Harmony, Integration, Peacefulness, Self Love… These are all aspects of a healthy Anahata Chakra. 


In this weekend of tantric yoga workshops, we will dive into the mysteries of anahata – the heart chakra. We will explore what holds us back from accessing our innate ability to give and receive love, and learn how to activate the heart. 

We have 7 main energy centres, and right in the middle of this system, there is anahata chakra… there are 3 above and 3 below. The heart is our centre, our core and it is a bridge between the material and spiritual aspects of our being. 

The love that we find when we access anahata chakra is a pure, unattached, unconditional love. Love experienced within, as a state of being. It needs no object for its passion.

Workshop 1: Working with Energy: Activating the Heart Chakra

Workshop 2Unblocking the Heart: Reducing Anxiety + Unprocessed Grief

Workshop 3: Heart Chakra Retreat

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