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(These usually sell out so please book in advance!)


Working with Energy: Activating the Heart

June 24th

1400 - 1700

Yoga Loft


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Yoga teachers love to say “engage the bandhas!’ In this workshop you will gain an experiential understanding of what this really means. 

In our Yoga posture practice, we can use Asanas (postures) to break down the obstacles to energy flow, and we can then use the bandhas (energy locks) to harness and redirect that energy to the heart or other beneficial areas. 

During this workshop, we will explore the theory of the bandhas using simple yet powerful techniques so that you can connect to these areas in the physical and energy bodies. Following this, we will have a yoga practice so that you can integrate these techniques. 

This knowledge can transform your practice, bringing new levels of healing, insight and consciousness. 

June 29th - July 1st 

The Chakras: A Weekend of 5 Workshops

Location: Triyoga Soho

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In June, James will be travelling to London from India to facilitate this weekend of Workshops on The Chakras....

Have you ever felt butterflies in your tummy? A frog in your throat? Your heart brimming with Love? Then you have already glimpsed an energy surge in your chakras. We invite you to join James at triyoga to dive into the hidden knowledge of this beautiful system.

Friday 29th 1930 - 2130
The Serpent Awakes 

Kundalini Shakti is the mysterious energy that lies coiled around the base of our spine, dormant until the time comes for her to sleep no more. Ancient Yogic techniques are able to prepare the body and facilitate the sacred awakening. 

In this practice we will begin to explore this ancient knowledge. Drawing on techniques from Hatha, Tantra and the Classical Kundalini tradition, we will cleanse our energy pathways and begin to activate the Pranic Body - allowing us to feel beyond the limitations of the physical self and perhaps even get a glimpse of the awesome power of Kundalini herself. 

This is a powerful practice on it’s own and also a great introduction to the weekend ahead. 

It is open to all levels, although some prior knowledge of Hatha Yoga is beneficial.

Saturday 30th 0900-1200
understanding the chakras

This session is mostly lecture based with some short periods of gentle movement and meditation. We will explore how chakras work, their function and purpose, how they impact us, and how to balance and activate them. We will delve into the secrets of each one in turn and discuss how this knowledge can be used to bring about healing and restoring equilibrium to our lives and those of our loved ones.
Here we will explore the subtle knowledge that will be a back ground to the rest of the Workshop and transform all future practices.
You may wish to bring a pen and paper to make notes and to wear comfortable clothing.
This session is suitable for all levels - from complete beginners to experienced practitioners who wish to expand their understanding of the more subtle aspects of Yoga.

Saturday 30th 1400-1700

lets get grounded: the first chakra
The tallest tree has the deepest roots. If we wish to rise up, we need the support of a solid foundation.
The root chakra is our connection to the Earth, to our body and to everything in the material world. When it is balanced we feel trust, we feel secure and we feel held. But when this chakra is unhealthy we often experience fear and it’s henchman greed (born of the fear of not having enough).
During this lecture and practice we will learn techniques to get grounded and to harmonise this chakra which is the foundation for the entire system. This will in turn allow us to cultivate a relationship to the Earth, to our own body and to dissolve tendencies of fear or mistrust.

increase your confidence + will power: the third chakra
When we talk about someone with determination and will-power we might speak of the “fire in their belly”.
Through Yoga we can learn how to harness this fire and bring about a more harmonious third chakra. Then we may begin to feel more confident, spontaneous and playful - experiencing a boost to our self-discipline, will-power, warmth and sense of humour.
This workshop will involve a lecture and practice in which you will learn about the third chakra and receive some specific techniques to improve confidence and will-power which you can continue to practice at home.

the 7 steps: a chakra practice
This part of the workshop is a practice and will be a fun and challenging flow. We will make the transition from thinking to feeling. As we journey from the root chakra all the way to the crown we will access each energy centre by transitioning through various aspects of yoga including Asana (poses), Vinyasa (flow), Pranayama (Breath work) and Dhyana (Meditation) - all to a beautiful chakra based soundtrack.
Options and modifications will be offered for those who need, so you can choose how physically demanding you would like this to be.
If you have done any chakra workshops with James in the past, this is a great opportunity to put theory into practice.

All 5 workshops are available for £180

Healing the Heart: Reducing Anxiety + Stress

Sat, 7th July

1400 - 1715


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Yoga teaches us that our heart-centre is the home of Inspiration and Unconditional Love. However, these aspects can be restricted if we hold unprocessed grief, which can get stored in the lungs and chest. These repressed emotions build up, manifest as tension and affect the way that we breathe… The result of this is the experience of Anxiety. 

During this Hatha practice, we will explore how we can bring our lungs to life and experience the dispelling of anxiety. We will look at how stress affects different people and what we can do to reduce the amounts of stress in our lives. We will learn how the way that we breathe affects our wellbeing, particularly in relation to anxiety levels. We will discover techniques for calming and balancing and a specific bedtime sequence to improve our sleep.

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